What the acronym, NAAD, stands for?

  • New Americans Alliance for Development

Who established NAAD?

  • Wilhelmina Valeria Tolbert Holder, a Liberian immigrant internationally trained public health physician, her husband, M. Burleigh Holder, LLM (An international lawyer) and their daughter, Yende Anderson. JD

When was NAAD/ AAFACD established?

  • 2002

What is the former name for NAAD?

  • African American Friendship Association for Cooperation for Development (AAFACD), Inc.

What type of organization is NAAD?

  • NAAD is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Organization (NGO)

Where is NAAD’s office located?

  • 1821 University Avenue, West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

Is NAAD’s office accessible to public transportation?

  • Yes, the Bus and train stops right outside NAAD’s office at the corner of Fairview Avenue and University Ave, West.

Is parking free parking available at or near NAAD’s office 

  • Yes

Who are participants and primarily benefits from NAAD’s IMG Career guidance & Assistance Programs?

  • Immigrant internationally trained Health professionals or medical graduates (Medical doctors, nurses, pharmacist and dental professionals)

What does IMG mean?

  • Immigrant internationally trained medical graduates

Who is eligible to participate in the NAAD IMG Career G

  • Only legal Minnesota’s residents who have completed registration, who submits ALL the program’s required documents and actively participates in NAAD’s Biweekly Support Group Meeting.

What are NAAD’s resources of funding?

  • Government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, corporations and donation from private citizens

What is the best method to contact you?

  • Send emails or texts

What contact information should I mention in my email message? 

  • Your full name (first and last name) and valid email address and/or telephone number

Does NAAD share participants’ personal information with the third parties?

  • All participants’ information is strictly confidential.

Who may potentially access to limited participants’ personal information?

  • NAAD funding sources (i.e. when they verify and approve financial statement)

What is the maximum waiting period to get a response for text / email message?

  • 24 Hours

Do you have offices outside of Minnesota?

  • No

Do you accept donations?

  • Yes

Do you accept donations online?

  • Yes

Do you advocate to your participants?

  • Yes

Are you willing and interested to work with similar organization which are in and outside of the state of Minnesota?

  • Yes

Does a participant expected to pay for enrollment or participation in the program?

  • No

How many individuals have participated in the program since it was established?

  • More than 600 People

How many people are currently actively participating in the program?

  • Over 200

How many participants got into a medical residency program since NAAD was established?

  • More than 100 (self-reported)

Do NAAD participants meet on a regular basis?

  • Yes, Bimonthly. NAAD Support Group Meetings and NAAD Toastmaster throughout the year

Location and time of the Biweekly NAAD Support Group Meetings 

  • Meetings are held every other Thursday from 4:45 PM- 07:30 pm, in Conference Room 330-South, Griggs Midway Building, 1821 University Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

How do I get the Biweekly NAAD Support group meeting Calendar?

  • Email the NAAD Program Coordinator

What is the minimum number of Biweekly NAAD Support Group Meetings per year?

  • 22

Can I be considered as active participants without attending biweekly NAAD Support group meeting?

  • No, attending biweekly NAAD Support Group Meeting is one of the requirements for financial assistance from the program.

What is the minimum (biweekly NAAD Support group meeting) attendance / year is accepted?

  • 60% of meetings / year, unless there is a special reason provided by the participants.

What do participants benefit from actively participating and attending Biweekly NAAD Support Group Meetings?

  • Financial assistance to pay for study materials (Exam prep / review books and Question -Banks) and registration and processing fees for Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE), Electronic Residency Applications Services (ERAS), National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
  • Personal statement for ERAS application – Editing and comment
  • Interview preparation for ERAS residency application
  • NAAD Toastmasters International Biweekly meeting to learn and improve English proficiency and public speaking,
  • Networking and sharing experience with the current active participants and NAAD Alumni

Community engagement

  • Join USMLE and NCLEX Study group to share valuable exam experiences
  • Participants have opportunities to learn and improve presentation skills in a friendly atmosphere and receive constructive feedback from fellow participants Meet Invited Guests Speakers on different topics
  • Experts are invited to discuss topics such as Accent Modification resilience and trauma, life and speech coaching, cultural medical and health related issues, alternative pathways to health careers, test taking skill and strategies, applying for residencies, and interviewing skills as well as specific medical skills.
  • Advocacy & Mentorship: Participants will learn how to advocate for themselves as they navigate the medical systems and communities.
  • Professional coaching.   Participants will be paired with mentors to provide professional support.
  • Mental health and trauma recovery support.  One-on-one discussions with experts in the field to help participants with any personal PTSD issues as well as preparing them to assist patients or community contacts who needed help.
  • Community outreach program.  Participants will get a chance to serve underserved communities by actively participating in community outreach programs at church and local community centers.